Vega Rising (The Collective #1)

Vega Rising (The Collective #1) We D Finally Made It With The Technological Discovery Of The Internet, Humanity Had Become A Single Social Organism, Sharing Art And Science In A Nearly Instantaneous Way, And It Had Not Gone Unnoticed.So They Came.It Was Time To Join Earth To The Collective, And Bring About The Revelation But These Visitors Forgot About The Physical Laws That Made Earth So Unique Three Of The Four Meet With An Unpredictable Fate, Leaving The Last To Complete The Work But What Was To Be A Joyous Event And Further Evolution Of The Social Organism Could Now Be An End To All Things, And The Release Of The Demon Kind.Now Vega, A Soldier And Military Police Officer, Is The Only One Left With Any Hope Of Discovering The Red Man S Intentions Before He Accidentally Brings The Earth To A Violent End.

Jonathan Fore was born in Marysville, Ohio in 1968, the third son of Dave and Judy Fore After graduating Manalapan High School in 1987, Jon enlisted in the United States Navy, serving a combat role during Desert Storm Jonathan lives in Florida with his beautiful wife Lisa, and three wonderful children, two dogs Katie aka Nutter Butter Butt and Po po , and a cat or two The cats names were withheld because cats don t really use them I mean, why would they They never come when you call them I suppose if you could spell the sound of a cat food can being opened Now Jonathan works as a full time technologist, fails as an impromptu comedian, works with inspiring writers both young and old, and is a full time biker almost always successful Jonathan is currently writing a young adult novel series called Lexicon Chase and the Kingdom of Everhope, the first title,

[PDF] ↠ Vega Rising (The Collective #1)  Author Jonathan Fore –
  • Paperback
  • 234 pages
  • Vega Rising (The Collective #1)
  • Jonathan Fore
  • English
  • 22 November 2018
  • 9781481890380

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