Ansichten eines Clowns

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Heinrich B ll became a full time writer at the age of 30 His first novel, Der Zug war p nktlich The Train Was on Time , was published in 1949 Many other novels, short stories, radio plays, and essay collections followed In 1972 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization h

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  • Ansichten eines Clowns
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  • 14 August 2019

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    Ansichten eines clowns c1963 Opinions of a clown The Clown, Heinrich B ll 1917 1985 The Clown German Ansichten eines Clowns, lit Opinions of a clown is a 1963 novel by West German writer Heinrich B ll Hans Schnier is the Clown of the novel s title He is twenty seven years old from a very wealthy family At the beginning of the story he arrives in Bonn, Germany As a clown, he had to travel across the country from city to city to perform as an artist He always sees himself an artist His home is in Bonn, so he has to stay in hotels when h...

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    What kind of a human being are you I am a clown, and I collect moments I collect moments Hans is an exceptional human being He is completely subjective in every single action and emotion He refuses to accept standards and norms that are forced upon him by the establishment, and he always follows his own heart and ethical values That spells trouble in the environment of corporate mentality where he grows up.As a child, he witnesses the collective thinking of his privileged family, adapting wholeheartedly to Nazi Germany not necessarily out of fanaticism, but out of opportunism He sees his own 16 year old sister leave forever in the last war effort, and he never forgives his mother for encouraging her to go, to sacrifice herself for the blood and soil of Germany He won t allow his mother to forget her past later, when she makes a political U turn and works on a post war political committee for racial integration He is terrified by the ease with which other former fanatic Nazis start careers in democratic institutions, and he passionately reminds them of their hypocrisy When asked wh...

  5. BlackOxford says:

    The Era of ProstitutionHans, the clown in question, is a petulant, socially awkward, articulate, but persistently sarcastic figure who identifies with both the Germanic Siegfried and the Jewish Christ Although Protestant, he knows about Catholic ritual and attitudes than most Catholics He abhors clerics and their rituals when they pretend to than aesthetic importanceHans is an artist who lives for the aesthetics of his craft, which is grounded in the observation of the details of everyday life, the conventions that no one notices but which dominate human existence I am a clown, he says, I collect moments First he makes these hidden conventions visible, then he subverts them through mockery He can t help it this is what he has to do He calls this his Niebelungen Complex.As a sort of pronto hippie, Hans rails against hypocrisy in the state which ignores the unforgivable crimes of its citizens, of the church which has become a procedural machine concerned with politics rather than love, of the family which prefers conformity to creative expression by its members He can t condemn however, merely marvel at the ability of his friends and family to deceive themselves Everything in Germany culture, politics, meaning is prostituted to the Americans, to TV commercialism, to insincere charitable drives.Injury and emotional trauma force Hans into penury No one he knows can or will help He does the only thing...

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    ENGLISH The Clown ITALIANO It was dark by the time I reached Bonn, and I forced myself not to succumb to the series of mechanical actions which had taken hold of me in five years of traveling back and forth down the station steps, up the station steps, put down my suitcase, take my ticket out of my coat pocket, pick up my suitcase, hand in my ticket, cross over to the newsstand, buy the evening papers, go outside, and signal for a taxi Almost every day for five years I had left for somewhere and arrived somewhere in the morning I had gone up station steps and down again, in the afternoon down the steps and up again, signaled for a taxi, felt in my pockets for money to pay for my ticket, bought evening papers at kiosks, and savored in a corner of my mind the studied casualness of these mechanical actions Ever since Marie left me to marry Z pfner, that Catholic, these actions have become mechanical than ever, but without losing any of their casualness Bonn Hans Schnier, by profession, is a clown, but he also owns the innate art of self loathing Particularly, he is constantly haunte...

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