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Harry Clement Stubbs better known by the pen name Hal Clement , was an American science fiction writer and a leader of the hard science fiction subgenre Further details at

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  • 17 June 2017
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10 thoughts on “The Best of Hal Clement

  1. Sam says:

    Hal Clement was pretty much the king of hard science writers, ensuring that science fiction had a scientific basis Usually to the point where the plot itself revolved around it Connie Willis would be the opposite end of that spectrum, where a future setting is the closest she comes to science as all Although I haven t read everything either author has produced, since I m not completely enad by either one SciFi horror is another such sub genre, and there are many others, so that there s room enough in the SciFi inn for everyone I think Hal s fans are willing to overlook where his stories fall short in character and plot due to his consistently high standard of science However, I think that his failure to foresee elementary scientific adv...

  2. Nate says:

    a lot better than iceworld, this stuff works much better in short story form than it does in novels clement likes to write problem stories and is good at coming up with alien worlds and scenarios, but doesn t really write characters very well with iceworld, the scientific problem wasnt enough to sustain an entire novel, and a lot of the scenes with the humans felt like padding, but that is largely avoided here the characters are still dull golly gee whiz 1950s types, and the stories that work the best deal with protagonists pulli...

  3. John says:

    There are bits in a few of the stories that feel a little dated but overall even the older stores seem very modern Especially good if you like non traditional protagonists in stories.It is also refreshing to read a story where the central conflict is not entirely because of the stupidity o...

  4. Erik Wennermark says:

    Sort of Martian esque, in short form.

  5. Jerry says:

    I came into this expecting that Clement would try to ground his stories in what was possible and was not disappointed This makes his best stories that much better However, many of the older stories highlight the problem with hard science fiction Unexpected advances in technology make these stories outdated than the so called magical science that is common Most of the time this is trivial it was funny reading about characters in a space station having to deal with thousands of tubes in their computers Clement himself notes, in the afterword, that he was wrong in assuming analog would beat digital in computer technology But in Mistaken for Granted, the whole story hinges on two problems that a less grounded author would have assumed would be solved that our tendency to measure time in 12 hour increments creates dangerous ambiguities, that lack of positional and directional awareness is also very dangerous and costly, and that the protective suits necessary to move about on the moon will also hide personal information devices such as watches.On the moon in that story, there are no GPS satellites circling the moon, no ...

  6. Eero says:

    Impediment 1942 a classic problem story A certain lack in the alien s knowledge of physics is extremely implausible given their level of technology compare to a similar implausibility in the much later story Neutron Star by Larry Niven However, the central idea of communication and assumptions made is very clever and carries the story despite the clunky and dated prose which may be part of its charm.Technical Error 1943 the crew of a wrecked spaceship, stranded on an airless asteroid, come across an abandoned ancient alien ship and they have to puzzle out its workings to survive This seems to be a story written for engineers We don t really learn what the aliens looked like or what they were doing in the Solar System, although there are some clues that are left hangingUncommon Sense 1943 The theme so far seems to be downed spacecraft This time, the protagonist is alone on an airless, hot planet with only his spacesuit and must find a way to get his ship back before his treacherous crew take off, leaving him to die.Assumption Unjustified 1946 Sort of comedy of errors about alien tourists secretly messing with Earth people for reasons of their own The cover of one of the editions is based on this story.Answer 1947 Space based supercompu...

  7. Brian Mcclain says:

    I decided to read this when attempting to get an introduction to the idea of hard science fiction, and I ll be the first to say that it was incredibly dense The author managed to completely design a world, discuss the physical facts about the world, and how the protagonist uses it to his advantage in what both qualifies as a short amount of writing but also a considerable depth of knowledge regarding the situation The concepts weren t...

  8. Eric Herboso says:

    This collection of hard science fiction short stories is well worth reading for any hard scifi fan Hal Clement is a master of the genre, and does an excellent job of creating scientifically interesting settings for each of these stories.While there is some lack in character development, this is not unusual in short stories, as there generally isn t enough time to p...

  9. Curtiss says:

    Just what the title says a collection of Hal Clements best short stories and novelletes.Hal Clement was a master at exploring extreme physical conditions through the medium of science fiction, but with a hard science rational to support his speculations enjoy

  10. bluetyson says:

    The Best of Hal Clement by Clement 1979

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