Entre ciel et terre (Vango, #1)

Entre ciel et terre (Vango, #1)A Breathless Adventure From International Award Winner Timoth E De Fombelle Charts A Desperate Search For Identity Across The Vast Expanses Of Europe.In A World Between Wars, A Young Man On The Cusp Of Taking Priestly Vows Is Suddenly Made A Fugitive Fleeing The Accusations Of Police Who Blame Him For A Murder, As Well As Sinister Forces With Darker Intentions, Vango Attempts To Trace The Secrets Of His Shrouded Past And Prove His Innocence Before All Is Lost As He Crisscrosses The Continent Via Train, Boat, And Even The Graf Zeppelin Airship, His Adventures Take Him From Parisian Rooftops To Mediterranean Islands To Scottish Forests A Mysterious, Unforgettable, And Romantic Protagonist, Vango Tells A Thrilling Story Sure To Captivate Lovers Of Daring Escapades And Subversive Heroes.

As a child Timothee de Fombelle was born in the heart of Paris in 1973, but often accompanied his architect father on his travels to Africa Each summer his family left for the countryside the west of France , where the five brothers and sisters lived like wild horses, making huts in the trees, playing in the river and losing themselves in the woods In the evening they performed plays for the

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  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Entre ciel et terre (Vango, #1)
  • Timothée de Fombelle
  • English
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9780763671969

10 thoughts on “Entre ciel et terre (Vango, #1)

  1. Marta Álvarez says:

    Hay una serie de fallos de edici n ortotipogr ficos, la edici n f sica es de lo m s c moda que tiran para atr s Y es una pena, porque Vango es ma ra vi llo so.En los primeros cap tulos me captur por el estilo tan delicado y evocador, tan a la par con el principal escenario el Par s de los a os 30.Pero luego fueron la trama y sus mil personajes los que terminaron de meterme en su bolsillo Tiene un ritmo algo m s pausado que el de una novela de intriga ...

  2. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Dear Vango,I m sorry but I m just not that into you I stuck with you through the end of the book, but it is time for us to go our separate ways Don t get me wrong, we had our good times I mean, who wouldn t want to visit a Scottish Castle, fly in a German Zeppelin, and hang out on a secret Italian island with monks You are definitely an exciting guy But I found you largely emotionally un...

  3. Skip says:

    Pirates, Russian aristocracy, zepellins, mysterious monks, Nazis, and family secrets A real adventure, all set in Europe between the world wars Vango is washed ashore on a small island off the coast of Sicily with Mademoiselle, and grows up in a safe environment as a wild child of the outdoors, eventually discovering a secretive group of monks on a nearby island With little companionship, except from the mysterious Mademoiselle, Vango decides he wants to join the monks, but the leader forces him to learn something of the real world before escaping it Vango gets much than...

  4. Alex (not a dude) Baugh says:

    Born in 1915 and raised on by a nanny simply known as Mademoiselle, Vango has no idea who he is or where he came from He and Mademoiselle were rescued from the sea by the strange Mazzetta when Vango was only 3 and they remained on Salina, one of the Aeolian island off the coast of Sicily At 10 Vango discovers a hidden monastery on another island called Arkudah and befriends its founder, Father Zefiro.The story begins in April 1934 just as Vango, now 19, is ready to take his vows, following Father Zefire into the priesthood Lying prostrate in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with others about to be ordained, a shot directed at Vango suddenly is heard Within seconds, Vango finds himself on the run, a wanted man, for a crime or crimes of which he is completely innocent.Eluding the very Inspector Clouseau like Superintendent Augusta Boulard of the Paris police, as well as unknown, but the just as persistent sinister pursuers from Stalinist Russia, and Gestapo from the newly created Nazi Germany, Vango does find aid from old friends.First with the elderly anti Nazi German co...

  5. Mathew says:

    Moments from being accepted into priesthood, Vango finds himself shot at and pursued his only hope is to hide in Notre Dame and find a means of escape as quickly as possible from the mysterious assassin and all of the French police Having been washed shore when only a toddler, Vango now finds that his past is hunting him down at a time when war in Europe is brewing at a deeply alarming rate and the stories behind those few Vango trusted reveal a world beyond his comprehension Not only must Vango prove his innocence but he must also understand why half the world is after him Special commendation needs to be made to the translator, Sarah Ardizzone, who brought de Fombelle s words to life so much so that it feels like she must have written it herself Just incredible As with de Fombelle s Toby books, it is not just the intricately woven plot which seems to eff...

  6. Mrs G says:

    I devoured this book, chapter by chapter Brilliant, complex plot that twists and turns all around and back again Exciting, funny with some great characters Phew I ve ordered book 2

  7. ALPHAreader says:

    Outside Notre Dame, a group of men who were about to become ordained priests are lying, facedown on the cobbled stones A group of policemen, led by one superintendent Boulard are making their way through the crowd, searching for one 19 year old man Just then, one of the seminarians stood up He wasn t very tall His robe was weighed down with the rain His face was streaming He turned full circle in the midst of so many bodies, none of which moved On every side, plain clothes policemen emerged from the crowd and began to advance towards him The young man bought his hands together as if in prayer, then let them fall to his sides The clouds in the sky were reflected in his eyes Vango Romano the superintendent called out.The boy nodded Thus begins Timoth e de Fombelle s book, Vango Between Sky And Earth Originally published in 2010 in France Entre ciel et terre the English translation of the book by Sarah Ardizzone has only just been released this year.The book begins in 1934, with Vango the main suspect in the murder of a priest After the confrontation at Notre Dame, Vango is saved by a passing Zeppelin and goes on the run Vango s bid for escape will see him cross the skies to Germany and beyond and as his tale unravels and intersec...

  8. LoiStorybook says:

    Es un 4.8 Este libro est lleno de historias que se entrelazan Me encant Tiene a la vez tantos hechos hist ricos y personajes que existieron en realidad Es una exquisitez Vango puede parecer un personaje muy raro por todo lo gil que es Mientras iba descubriendo un poco...

  9. Sam says:

    Vango issurrealengagingpoignantdelightfula beautifully written piece of literature with fascinating characters and captivating scenarios set in one of the most critical periods of world history.It is fractured yet fluid, sweet yet terrible It is both modern and timeless, confusing and perfectly sensible.It will lead you on a chase through time and place, confuse you, make you pause and think hard, and then show you in the simplest of ways what you were missing.I read this under the impression that it is a young adult novel if so, it is one of the most mature I have picked up in a long time not in a graphic sort of way, but thematically, linguistically, emotionally We are introduced to a hero suffering a crisis of identity, but his is not like those we see in American schools and towns Vango does not attend a high school, he has no plans to go to university he has no friends of the conventional sort, and he has decided, at the age of 19, what to do with the rest of his life Circumstances prevent this story from being short and sweet Vango s plans are destroyed and his apparent paranoia proved valid The novel is written in a then and now format, with lyrical narration and quick dialogue and lots of tiny little plot twists de Fombelle ...

  10. Ben Trevail says:

    Formidable Magnifique Etc etc I devoured the majority of this book, over 300 pages, in 24 hours while off work with a fever so this may not be the lucid review Simply it s almost impossible to put down Each chapter ends with a hook or reveal so cleverly planned The whole plot structure is a complex narrative with Vango at the centre surrounded by a complex web of characters Ethel is superb, a strong yet young female presence, reminding me of Lily from Cogheart In fact the fast paced narrative reminds me a lot of Cogheart Moonlocket, and the zeppelins are another shared feature I d be interested to hear...

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