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Rethinking ExpertiseWhat Does It Mean To Be An Expert In Rethinking Expertise, Harry Collins And Robert Evans Offer A Radical New Perspective On The Role Of Expertise In The Practice Of Science And The Public Evaluation Of Technology.Collins And Evans Present A Periodic Table Of Expertises Based On The Idea Of Tacit Knowledge Knowledge That We Have But Cannot Explain They Then Look At How Some Expertises Are Used To Judge Others, How Laypeople Judge Between Experts, And How Credentials Are Used To Evaluate Them Throughout, Collins And Evans Ask An Important Question How Can The Public Make Use Of Science And Technology Before There Is Consensus In The Scientific Community This Book Has Wide Implications For Public Policy And For Those Who Seek To Understand Science And Benefit From It Starts To Lay The Groundwork For Solving A Critical Problem How To Restore The Force Of Technical Scientific Information In Public Controversies, Without Importing Disguised Political Agendas Nature A Rich And Detailed Periodic Table Of Expertise Full Of Case Studies, Anecdotes And Intriguing Experiments Times Higher Education Supplement UK

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  • Rethinking Expertise
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  • 14 April 2017
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10 thoughts on “Rethinking Expertise

  1. Joy says:

    Rethinking Expertise stands as the elaboration of Collins and Evans proposed Third Wave trajectory for science studies If the Second Wave attempts to reveal the ways in which scientific knowledge is socially constructed, the Third Wave seeks to set limits on just how far that construction can reach In short, CE want to establish what they call a realist perspective on expertise, which is to say, expertise really exists and is not merely an artifact of culture, politics and power Rather, expertise arises from experience The category of experiential knowledge takes on great importance for CE, as contrasted with propositional or formal knowledge Relying on Michael Polanyi s concept of tacit knowledge, or knowledge that can be gained only through hands on experience and cannot be formally communicated outside of context, CE argue that people without hands on scientific expertise should not participate in the appraisal of that knowledge At the same time, CE argue that Polanyi s notion of a Republic of Science will not do The Republic of Science, which insists on autonomy from politics and a completely internal judgment process, excludes potential experts who have experience but no credentials.CE attempt to lay out different sorts of expertise in order to show us who does and doesn t have the right to engage in conversations about the validity of scientific kn...

  2. Brent Ranalli says:

    So much of the sociology of scientific knowledge tradition appears as a game of chicken, teetering on the edge of relativism or nihilism, if not actually plunging in The authors choice of epigraph to everything there is a season a time to break down, and a time to build up, from Ecclesiastes is an indication that this investigation of expertise represents a stepping back from the brink It is not vertiginously exciting, crackling with analytical profundity, but it is useful in its sober modesty It maps out a terrain, and offers a new vocabulary to help distinguish among the many different types of expertise.I found especially interesting and helpful the notion of interactional expertise As a policy consultant I have collaborated for years with chemists, geologists, etc., on water quality issues I wouldn t be able ...

  3. Vince says:

    I ve enjoyed Collins philosophy of science works e.g The Golem series This title intrigued me with answers to the knowledge management transfer challenges faced by many professional services firms mine included.Rethinking Expertise largely advocates formal recognition of a class of expertise obtained by those such as sportswriters and political journalists Expertise that is thoroughly conversant with the subject, but doesn t perform the actual deeds The argument suggests a legitimate place and use for such conversant experts This leads to a treatment of how such expertise is developed.Unfortunately for my purposes, the text offers general and not entirely unintuitive suggestions toward nurturing such expertise I don t regret the read, and am cognizant of new thoug...

  4. Sam Weaver says:

    Everybody is an expert at something, and nobody can be an expert about everything A pharmacist would likely flounder hopelessly when tasked with working the line at a local McDonald s, which is why nobody expects prescriptions to come filled with a side of fries Society places a premium on some domain specific types of expertise, but even within specialized fields such as medicine and physics, stratifications exist between the people who are conversant in a topic and those who genuinely contribute to the body of knowledge The fact that a sociologist can successfully pass themselves off as fluent in highly abstract gravitational waves physics, underscores why the public needs a bulletproof method for identifying bona fide experts, especially in for high stakes technical questions While Collins and Evans delineate a novel framework for identifying who might be capable of contributing to scientific debates, their taxonomy of expertise ultimately fails to provide any useful practical guidance for resolving controversy in the public sphere When experts offer honest guidance, their recommendations can be useful Collins and Evans point out that, in spite of the fallibility of those who know what they are talking about, their advice is likely to be no worse and maybe better than those who do not know what they are talking about Collins Evans, 2007, p.2 Identifying those who do know what they are talking about, however, is no easy ...

  5. Elizabeth says:

    ILL from PSUfrom the libraryc2007 Univ of Chicago PressAuthor Harry Collins is distinguished research professor of sociology and director of the Center for the Study of Knowledge, Expertise, and Science at Cardiff University Author of several books with coauthors.Dr Golem How to Think about Medicinea fascinating view of catagories of knowledgeIntroduction why expertiseall sorts of troubles truth if it can be found about any scientific fact is always slower than the politics of meaning quantum theory shows that intention is a part of outcome therefore people are not separate from the scientific outcome but instead a part of it.Then there is the problem that while scientist are up against people politics and while science is contaminated by people, there is the problem that scientists themselves are people They make all kinds of mistakes including moral mistakes as well as technical mistakes They even fake their data and work for corporations who hide or misrepresent their data How to get out of this mess study sciencetherefore study expertise The unresolved tension between esxpert...

  6. Nelson Holmes says:

    This book proposes a new framework for thinking about and evaluating expertise The authors think an important and neglected area of inquiry regarding expertise is the boundaries surrounding expertise and how we should understand them With additional nuances within each category it is proposed to understand expertise by the following Beer mat knowledge, popular understanding, primary source knowledge, interactional expertise, and contributory expertise.A considerable amount of text space is spent describing interactional expertise the ability to understand much of the nuance within a particular field, interact with the field s expert, but not being able to add to the body of knowledge or advance the field and its relationship with contributory expertise which encompasses interactional expertise while having the...

  7. Rachel says:

    At first the new jargon is a little difficult to get the hang of contributory vs relational expertise , but is necessary to discuss expertise its definitions and how expertise works Relational expertise is particularly int...

  8. Mark says:

    Interesting exploration of the meaning of scientific expertise.This was one of my first forays into the world of e books I bought the Nook version and read it mostly on my Android phone I discovered that the software for the phone is really not up to what is necessary for this kind of book The images were illegible, and it is very cumbersome to the point of not being worth it...

  9. Kevin Orrman-Rossiter says:

    Outstanding work on the Study of Expertise and Experience and what does it means to know what you are talking about This book concentrates on characterising expertise and classifying it into various types Focussing on tacit expertise and introducing the concept of interactional expertise, this is ...

  10. Pavol Hardos says:

    Marvelous little book I learned a lot about the problem of conceptualizing expertise, and the authors introduction of the concept of interactional expertise is a major contribution Recommended not only to sociologists of knowledge, but to anyone studying the social aspects of science and democracy.

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