The Wayward Miss Wainwright

The Wayward Miss Wainwright An Authentic Regency Romance About Just How Wrong Things Can Go In Matters Of The Heart When Helena Wainwright Accompanies Her Two Young Nieces And Her Nephew To Stay At Rotherham Park With Their New Guardian Who Is Their Uncle, The Duke Of Rotherham, She Agrees To Remain For Six Months To Help The Children Adjust To Their New Life She Finds The Handsome, Charming Duke Of Rotherham To Be The Most Insufferable, Self Opinionated, Domineering And Arrogant Man She Has Ever Met Unhappily, The Duke Also Holds An Unflattering Opinion Of Helena Wayward Was The Only Word To Describe Such A Determined, Contrary, And Obstinate Young Woman Who Defied Him At Every Turn Regarding The Upbringing Of His Wards He Would Be Very Glad To See Her Go The Duke Of Rotherham Is Contemplating Making Miss Emily Fanshawe, A Beautiful, And Everyone Thinks Well Bred Young Woman An Offer Of Marriage However, Emily Has Terrible Secrets To Hide, Besides Having A Clandestine Lover Helena Discovers Emily S Secrets And Does Not Know Which Way To Turn If She Reveals The Truth To Protect Theduke S Social Standing, She Will Betray Emily, With Dire Consequences Besides, The Duke Seems Determined To Marry Emily, Simply To Prove A Point, Even Though His Godmother, Lady Mildred Ormsby Has Suspicions The Fanshawes Are Not Who They Say They Are Emily S Mother Is Hell Bent On Marrying Her Daughter Off To A Rich, Preferably Titled, Man She Will Let Nothing Stand In Her Way, Even Stooping To Abduction And Possibly Murder Can Helena Win In The Face Of Heavy Odds And The Machinations Of A Wicked Schemer And Will She Want The Duke Of Rotherham For Herself When Hidden Elements Of His Romantic Past Come To Light

I love writing Regency romance and am always glad when a new idea pops into my head for another sparkling, witty romance The Dangerous Duke, my first romance novel, was written for fun, to entertain my mother who was a huge romance fan, but in particular of Regency romance From there, ideas came with characters clamouring to have their chance to shine in their very own book When not w

[Read] ➲ The Wayward Miss Wainwright  ➮ Arabella Sheraton –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 173 pages
  • The Wayward Miss Wainwright
  • Arabella Sheraton
  • English
  • 16 May 2018

10 thoughts on “The Wayward Miss Wainwright

  1. Sweets Books says:

    Helena At first she came off as a bore and somewhat prudish to me But as the story continues and you get to know her can tell she is just a young woman who has built walls around herself for fear of letting anyone get too close How she was able to hold back the information she did on Emily is beyond me, cause it affected her future and possible romance with Vernon.Vernon For a man of his age and status he is very dimwitted when it comes to Emily and ...

  2. McKammen says:

    I really try to open myself up to new author s and books, and read with am open mind I can honestly say that I tried with this story I read it on Wattpad because I liked the description Once I started reading, however, I was quite bored There is no semblance of any kind of romance or understanding between Helena and Vernon until she sees him drunk in the hallway, wearing only a robe In this moment, he apparently decides that he has loved her since he laid eyes on her, which readers would never know, as he never showed AT ALL What follows is a kiss that I m certain I will never want to read again, as it is neither tender, caring, or romantic at all When he kisses her, she realizes that ...

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