Vernichtender Hass

Vernichtender HassThey Are The Enemies Of The Dwarves And Control The Darkest Magics, But Even Then Power Of The Lfar Has Its Limits To Save Their Own People, They Must Enter Into An Unwinnable War Sinthoras And Caphalor, Two Very Different Lfar, Watch As Their Plans Come To Fruition The Hidden Land The Home Of The Dwarves Has Fallen To Their Army Of Trolls, Barbarians And Lfar, And Now The Lands Of The Hated Elves Are Within Their Grasp But The Alliance Is Beginning To Crumble As Greed Triumphs Over Obedience And Sinthoras And Caphalor Face Another Threat An Enemy From The Empire Of The Lfar, Thought To Be Defeated, Has Resurfaced, And While Their Best Warriors Fight In The Hidden Land, The Lfar Homeland Lies Almost Defenceless This Edition Contains Bonus Material

Markus Heitz is a German fantasy, horror and science fiction author, most famous for his five book Dwarves saga.Markus Heitz was born in Homburg in 1971 He studied history, literature, and the German language He now lives in the town of Zweibr cken.

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  • Vernichtender Hass
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  • 04 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Vernichtender Hass

  1. Blodeuedd Finland says:

    I do not know if I should like or hate the lfar They are monsters after all, but then again, they are good to each other, they just dislike every other race that is below themright.So you see, the lfar are a hard race to like They want to conquer, kill and make slaves of others But at the same time they love arts and making art of disgusting thingsright They are proud, beautiful, deadly and evil Yes, they are rather fascinating aren t they They are campaigning to take over the human lands and kill the elves They have dark ones at their sides and there will be death and ruthlessness.We will follow Sinthoras and Caphalor, evil and with good qualities in their way Another smaller pov is a young mage trying to warn other of these monsters Morana, an lf trying to get people to join the lfar and a few other POVs All showing the lfar darkness They really should disappear as a people, can t they play nice But, that is not the only thing in this book ...

  2. Shane Kiely says:

    I was initially dubious about this, book These characters established as protagonists in a new setting, are appearing for the first time in a context where they were previously established as clear antagonists Heitz has a simple way of negating this He s just essentially transformed them back into villains and introduced new characters for the reader to root for Despite being a prequel, a lot of the conclusions of the various plo...

  3. Schneeschaf says:

    Ich finde dieses Buch hat seine L ngen, aber ich liebe die Zwerge Albae Reihe von Markus Heitz einfach

  4. Nlindgren says:

    I must admit the book has something of the great first entry of the series, which I read back in 2009 Entertaining anti heroics with Sinthoras and Caphalor ensure that the first third of the book is good reading material, if you don t mind the lfar being edgy all the time Political machinations regarding Sinthoras are reminiscent of the fairly subdued story of the first book, keeping the reader on the edge of the seat.When the military campaign starts, however, the great start turns into tedium for most of the middle of the book In the midst of all the scouting and campaigning, the author tries to inject some action into the story by introducing a new enemy For a while the story does pick up steam from there on, and it really looks like it s going to be a four star effort, but thenThe Acid Assp...

  5. Jacky says:

    Es gibt am Ende Drachen DIch mag, dass man die Albae, auch wenn sie einfach nur b se sind, verstehen kann Sie haben eine verdrehte, grausame Vorstellung von Sch nheit Interessant fand ich, dass auch die Elben, di...

  6. Philip | Book Walk says:

    Es war eine scheinbar schier unendlich lange Wartezeit bis zur Ver ffentlichung des neuen Romans von Markus Heitz, Die Legenden der Albae Vernichtender Hass Doch nun sind die b sartigen Verwandten der Elben zur ck und das packender als je zuvor.Zum Inhalt Der zweite Band rund um die Albae kn pft nahezu nahtlos an den ersten Band, Die Legenden der Albae Gerechter Zorn, an, spielt aber rund 1000 Sonnenzyklen vor dem ersten Zwerge Roman.Die Albae Caphalor und Sinthoras konnten am Steinernen Torweg einen Sieg davontragen und erm glichen somit ihrem Volk die M glichkeit, in den Krieg gegen die verhassten Elben zu ziehen, welche sich im Geborgenen Land Tark Draan niedergelassen haben Es gilt, die Barbarenst mme f r sich zu gewinnen und die Elbenst mme nacheinander zu vernichten Doch w hrend sich das Heer der Albae sich im Kampf gegen die Elben im Geborgenen Land in Gefahr begibt droht auch der Heimat Ds n Faimon im Jenseitigen Land Ish m Vor o Gefahr durch einen ausrottet geglaubten Gegner, die Dor n Asho...

  7. Sara says:

    Great book No slow or boring spots Couldn t get enough Anxious for the next one Makes me want to reread the dwarves

  8. Chris Torno says:


  9. Michel Sizaire says:

    Looking forward to reading the dwarf series and the 3rd installment of this series.

  10. Ria says:

    Interesting viewpoint, creates empathy for the Alfar.

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