Inside the Tree

Inside the TreeInside The Tree A Ewan Johns Adventure Ewan Johns Has To Raise Money For Three Train Tickets, So He Takes A Job In Charter While He S At Work, Tamaqua And Juniata Discover That The Big, Old Tree On The Village Green Is Being Used As A Mailbox WELCOME TO LIBERTY Big Cities And Hill Country Outposts Thrive On Busy Byways, But People Are Scarce In The Wilds, Where Mythical Creatures Are Alive And Well Folks Commonly Use Lanterns To Light Their Homes, And Peace Is Kept By Rangers On Horseback In The Byways Books, Readers Will Encounter Dragons, Griffins, River Monsters, And Rogue Magicians Magic Is A Rare Trait That Runs In Families Some Magical Gifts Are Quite Useful Others Are Downright Quirky Like The Talent Inherited By Members Of The Johns Family They Re Changers Who Can Take The Form Of An Animal Not That Magic Will Make Winning The Race Any Easier For Ewan, Zane, And Ganix LEARNING MADE FUN The Byways Books Take Readers On A Cross Country Road Trip Through A Fantasy Landscape But The Series Isn T Just A Story This Is One Long Game, And You Can Play Hide And Seek Search And Find Each Byways Book Is Tied To One Of The USA S Fifty States Details Are Hidden Within The Story Book 5 Covers The Constitution State, Connecticut The Byways Books Are Geared For Young Readers Who Are Ready For Their First Chapter Books K 2 Cover Art And Illustrations By Hannah Christenson Look For Upcoming Titles, Cast Pictures, Teacher Resources, Waypoint Log, And A Special Hometown Challenge At

C J Milbrandt has always believed in miracles, especially small ones A lifelong bookworm with a love for fairy tales, far off lands, and fantasy worlds, CJ began spinning adventures of her own on the advice of a dear friend Her family friendly stories mingle humor and whimsy with a dash of danger and a touch of magic.The Galleries of Stone trilogy A magic master sculptor of Pred descent and t

[Read] ➪ Inside the Tree By C.J. Milbrandt –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 57 pages
  • Inside the Tree
  • C.J. Milbrandt
  • English
  • 26 July 2017

12 thoughts on “Inside the Tree

  1. Aaron says:

    Aimed at elementary age kids, this series highlights three brothers as they travel across a landscape closing resembling colonial America With just a little magical influence, the reader is whisked along as the brothers race across the land.What you don t realize is all of the learning packed into the short story Each book highlights a different state and its history A summary at the end lays out numerous interesting facts and events In this book, the state of Connecticut is featured.With short chapters and a simple storyline, this book is ideally suited for young readers with a fe...

  2. Arnela says:

    I won this as a part of a Goodreads GiveawayRight off the bat, I just want to put it out there that at the time of this review I have no previous books that are part of this series but man am I planning on getting them.First the art The art is amazing, the colors are crisp, it carries the feel of fantasy and adventure It s just lovely, I mean how do you not fall in love with it That s what drew me in to look at the books at first and I do not regret it Kudos to Hannah Christenson for doing an amazing job The little postcards and bookmark were adorable I love them.Now, the next thing that made me really giddy about this book is, when I first held it in the packaging I thought it was a hardcover When I took it out I saw that it was a paperback but it is a nicely made, very solid paperback That s good craftsmanship and I am a sucker for a well crafted book The cover is still flexible, but it just feels like it s gunna hold up better than most paperback books I ve held before And that s saying a lot considering this is a very thin book, only 39 pages of story, with some extra content afterwards.The story is adorable I loved ever letter of it Even if you start off out of order you can still get the overall feel of each character in the books While the story...

  3. Elza Kinde says:

    The Byways books are teaching kids about the United States of America in a new and exciting way State facts, cities, famous places and are hidden within this fantasy story about three half brothers who have decided to have a race across the land of Liberty The story itself seems like a straight up adventure, but at the end there is a list of facts that have been hidden within the story Inside the Tree is the fifth book in the series and follows the eldest brother, Ewan, who is now traveling with the two little girls he found hiding on the train But Tamaqua and Juniata seem to have lots of secrets and are about to get themselves caught up in another one in the town of Charter What I loved most about Inside the Tree was the affection between Ewan and his girls It was completely heartwarming all the way through That s not to say there isn t any excitement, though Hidden messages, ...

  4. Vanessa Morton says:

    Charming series for children and their parents to read along, too.Charming series for children and parents reading along, too Book 5 subtly teaches about Connecticut, the 5th state of the union Family friendly fantasy, beautiful writing and art throughout.

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