Discerning Spirits (The Celestia Divisa Collection, #1)

Discerning Spirits (The Celestia Divisa Collection, #1) Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B01DD2P11EZeph Is Half Angel, Half Human, And A Total Disappointment As The First Double Divisa Born In 20 Years, Everyone Expected His Supernatural Gift To Be Extraordinary, But Instead He Didn T Have One At All.After 17 Years Of Insignificance, Zeph Has Given Up On Ever Gaining The Approval Of His Family And Community, But When Zeph Meets Eve, She Sees Value In Him That No Else Has Suddenly, Zeph S Quirks Start To Look Like Rare Supernatural Gifts, Instead.Besides Being Brilliant, Beautiful, And Way Out Of Zeph S League, Eve Is An Intriguing Mystery That Zeph Can T Resist Trying To Unravel Zeph Is Convinced That Eve Is A Celestia Divisa, But She S Completely Unaware Of Their Existence, And She Doesn T Seem To Have A Gift, Either.When Zeph Shares His Theories With His Friends And Family, It S No Surprise That No One Else Believes Him No One But Eve, That Is Together, Can Zeph And Eve Discover Their Incredible Destiny

Kellie McAllen is a USA Today Bestselling author who has her nose in a book whenever she can When she s not reading or writing, she s usually hanging out at the beach, guest judging on DWTS from her living room , or watching cute cat videos She lives in North Carolina.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 157 pages
  • Discerning Spirits (The Celestia Divisa Collection, #1)
  • Kellie McAllen
  • English
  • 21 November 2017

10 thoughts on “Discerning Spirits (The Celestia Divisa Collection, #1)

  1. ☆☆Hannah☆☆ says:

    This was a great book I really enjoyed it It was nice to finally read a book where all the characters were wonderful and I didn t find too much wrong with any of them It was nice that Zeph finally met someone and could feel good about himself Although, his family was never as bad ...

  2. Ayse Isil Ari says:

    Not only the story built and writing style, but also the characters got me hooked onto this book I completely adore d Eve and Zeph s relationship, and how they re meant for one another.

  3. Sara Oxton says:

    Date with Destiny by Kellie McAllen a five star read that will make you fall in love This is the first book in the Celestia Divisa Collection and what a great start, this was written so well, each character tells their own story and each story interacts the two main characters in this book are Zepharella Arella and Eve Jones two teenagers that you will identify with no matter your age They both have different lives and interconnect on a tiny basis, a sh...

  4. Jamie Lee Zonneveld says:

    This book is a super sweet story about Zeph and Eve If you ve read Soulmate you already know some friends of Eve I really love Kellie McAllen s writing style and I really loved the story.

  5. Fiona Leung says:

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review Wow just wow This is the first book I ve read by Kellie McAllen and I absolutely loved it It s also one of a very small number of books that I ve managed to read within 24 hours Zeph is half human, half angel He s an outcast within his community but one day he met Eve and suddenly his life is turned around.Eve is very talented and logial, even a little bit geeky, but she s also always been interested in supernatural topics like angels She has an ability she s kept quiet to herself but it was all revealed when she met Zeph.Zeph and Eve are just soooo sweet together, they re the perfect high school sweethearts and it really warms my heart whe...

  6. Bibliophile Rose says:

    Loved it Loved it so much The story was amazing I love the half blooded half human half angel and Zeph was just amazing I fell in love with him, and also Eve I loved her personality she s perfect, and she loves math like me HAHAHAH.And also I cried, and cried so hard T...

  7. Vera mallard says:

    STORY LINE DISCERNING SPIRITS Author Kellie McAllen s new book, Discerning Spirits Book 1, filled with hope, goodness, and love, reveals a world unseen by humans Although living side by side, humans have no idea the Celestia Divisa exist The first book in the The Celestia Divisa Collection Book 1, the reader is introduced to the Celestia Divisa, half human half angel This series is a collection of books which are clean paranormal angel romance novels.Seventeen years ago, born to two Celestia Divisa, Zephanian, aka, Zeph, should have been very special with special double gifts Few double Celestia Divisa have been born his birth long awaited by his mother and father was the high light of their life With pride Chief of Police and expectant father Geoffery, awaits his coming Disappointments follows the naming ceremony Zeph s gift has not revealed itself Unheard of in the Celestia Divisa commmunity, dismay follows.Zeph s a very ordinary teenager with pimples, on the cusp of sexual maturity, insecure, and having few friends Without a gift he is different from the rest of the Celestia Divisa s Things beginning to change when he meets beautiful red haired Eve at school Zeph suspects she is a Celestia Divisa.Will Eve and Zeph discover her identity Will Zeph ever come into his gift What does destiny have in store for these two young people in the first bliss of love Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat, my young adult romance...

  8. QueenBeeQT says:

    Sweet Angel Romance Story A Fun Read Zephaniah, a high school senior with low self esteem, meets Eve, a Mathlete Champion, who sees the greatness in him Raised knowing he is a Celestial Divisa half angel half human but thinking that he is the only one of his kind without a gift, Zeph has struggled his entire life with feelings of worthlessness and the weight of being a disappointment to his family Eve has a love for angels she can t explain and has an irresistible pull toward Zeph As they start their relationship, does it have any chance of lasting As I am approaching my 25th high school reunion, I wasn t sure if a clean, teen romance novel would keep my attention Discerning Spirits not only kept my attention until I finished the book in one sitting, but I was also surprised that I really liked the characters and could relate to them Kellie has a great way of conveyin...

  9. Mirella Kelly says:

    I ve been doing ARCs for a while now, and I received this book via instafreebie in exchange of an honest review Discerning Spirits starts out as a bit slow, and here and there it s tell not show instead of show not tell , but once Eve comes in Zeph s life, the book starts having a pace The couple s cute relationship and their investment in it hooked me from the beginning of their meeting Where most authors portray their males as Alpha, Zeph is not a bad boy, rich guy, instead he s a shy, not wanting a spotlight guy, having insecurities and being a real teenager Eve is the same She thinks her geekiness scares off guys, when it s her intelligence that starts off her and Zeph s story Zeph s and Eve s gift is predictable from the beginning, but their is desti...

  10. Emily says:

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This book was nice It was a kinda cute, fluffy love story Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl live happily ever after etc The writing was okay, the characters were okay, everything was okay Nice And while that in itself isn t bad thing, it also doesn t really make the book stand out I sort of felt like I was reading something I ve read a hundred times before And while that fact that I ve read it a hundred times before means I like that sort of story, and I do, I kinda wanted there to be something different Something that made it stand out I did find it a little unre...

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