Before She Knew Him

Before She Knew Him Epub Before She Knew Him By Peter Swanson Catching A Killer Is Dangerous Especially If He Lives Next Door Hen And Her Husband Lloyd Have Settled Into A Quiet Life In A New House Outside Of Boston, Massachusetts Hen Short For Henrietta Is An Illustrator And Works Out Of A Studio Nearby, And Has Found The Right Meds To Control Her Bipolar Disorder Finally, She S Found Some Stability And Peace.But When They Meet The Neighbors Next Door, That Calm Begins To Erode As She Spots A Familiar Object Displayed On The Husband S Office Shelf The Sports Trophy Looks Exactly Like One That Went Missing From The Home Of A Young Man Who Was Killed Two Years Ago Hen Knows Because She S Long Had A Fascination With This Unsolved Murder An Obsession She Doesn T Talk About Any, But Can T Fully Shake Either.Could Her Neighbor, Matthew, Be A Killer Or Is This The Beginning Of Another Psychotic Episode Like The One She Suffered Back In College, When She Became So Consumed With Proving A Fellow Student Guilty That She Ended Up Hurting A Classmate The Hen Observes Matthew, The She Suspects He S Planning Something Truly Terrifying Yet No One Will Believe Her Then One Night, When She Comes Face To Face With Matthew In A Dark Parking Lot, She Realizes That He Knows She S Been Watching Him, That She S Really On To Him And That This Is The Beginning Of A Horrifying Nightmare She May Not Live To Escape.

Peter Swanson is the author of four novels The Girl With a Clock For a Heart, an LA Times Book Award finalist The Kind Worth Killing, winner of the New England Society Book Award, and finalist for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Her Every Fear, an NPR book of the year and his most recent, All the Beautiful Lies His books have been translated into 30 languages, and his stories, poetry, and fe

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  • Hardcover
  • 309 pages
  • Before She Knew Him
  • Peter Swanson
  • English
  • 10 September 2017
  • 9780062838155

10 thoughts on “Before She Knew Him

  1. Emily May says:

    They had a secret, the two of them, and there was no better way to start a friendship than with a secret Some seasoned Swanson readers are saying Before She Knew Him wasn t as compelling as his other books Well, that bodes well for me because I found this quite thrilling Speaking of thrills, Before She Knew Him is a thriller, not a mystery, if that distinction is important to you There s no whodunnit because we know almost immediately who did it Instead, the book is at times a game of cat and mouse, at other times a psychological portrait of justice and abuse And I was so deeply sucked into this one that I totally didn t see it coming I feel like maybe I should have.The book mostly switches between the perspectives of Hen, her new neighbour Matthew, and Matthew s wife, Mira After just moving into a new home, Hen and her husband Lloyd attend a dinner party at Matthew and Mira s house All is going well the four of them seem to get along and have chemistry That is, until a tour of the house reveals an object that Hen recognizes An object that stops her in her tracks and makes her feel faint.From then on, Hen is convinced that...

  2. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    This book was messed up in the best possible way This is my fourth book by the author and I think it s one of my favorites with The Kind Worth Killing.The twists didn t feel forced, the story flowed nicely and the characters were intriguing.Would recommend

  3. j e w e l s says:

    FIVE STARS UPDATE Happy Book birthday TODAY to this yummy thriller You say Peter Swanson wrote it I say, yes, please, just give me that book I don t even care what it s about If Swanson writes it, I must read it The man creates dark characters caught up in the most clever story lines you will ever come across in this genre.I got no business reading this yet since it doesn t come out for at least three months, BUT I COULDN T WAIT ANY LONGER And now that I finished it, my head is spinning and I just want to read it all over again Very few thriller novels do I ever want to re read, this is one of the first There is such a great twist about of the way in..I did not in a million years see it coming and now I want to go back and look for the clues ISN T THAT THE MOST FUN Look up the term psychological thriller in the dictionary and I m pretty sure Swanson s face will be there He has shown himself to be the true master of this subject with books like THE KIND WORTH KILLING and HER EVERY FEAR What I love about Swanson is he takes a situation like the quiet couple living next door to a nosy neighbor and you think you know what is going to happen But then, he turns that case upside down and heads the characters into a totally unpredictable direction Brilliant So very entertaining for the reader This book could deservedly have been called something like THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, but there have been a sl...

  4. Barbie says:

    This was my first book from Peter Swanson, but all his books are on my TBR for ages So, it was a really good start WARNING If you are not familiar with the story, please don t read the blurb nor most of the reviews, because they are full of spoilers Just go in blind, and you will not regret it I just tell you some sneak peek, without any spoilers This book is about two couples who are neighbors Somebody sees something and it will be very dangerous Everything is connected in some ways It is a psychological thriller which has a ton of fucked up characters That s it.It was a fast read I don t have so much time, but I finished it in 2 days It is pretty good for me.The story has great pacing, not too slow, not too fast While I was reading, I thought that I knew every little detail and I didn t really know how it will end, since in the beginning Swanson tells the reader everything Haha, I was wrong The ending was so good I didn t expect it at all It was mind blowing and at the same time it was creepy as hell All characters are screwed up In the whole reading time, I was thinking about who I hate the most Hen made me really angry and her husband drove me crazy I don t like it, at all This is the reason why I gave it just 3,5 stars But the good news is they ignited strong emotions inside me.Peter Swanson s writing style is entertaining, gripping, and so obsessive I couldn t put down his book, even though I read it a...

  5. Meredith says:

    4.25 stars Creepy, Captivating, and a little strange Before She Knew Him has a Rear Window like quality with oddball characters and some huge twists This is an intriguing psychological thriller about the very strange friendship of two neighbors They had a secret, the two of them, and there was no better way to start a friendship than with a secret When artist Hen and her husband Lloyd move to a quiet suburb outside of Boston, they are hoping to embrace the quiet life their new town has to offer But their neighbors Mira and Matthew jolt them out of their reverie and draw them into a nightmare.I was disappointed in Swanson s last book, so I was hesitant to read this However, I am glad I did Told from the POV of Hen and Matthew with a few others mixed in , their voices kept me glued to the pages I found the tone of the book to be a little bizarre and cartoonish, but it worked for me The plot is dark and twisted I had no idea how things were going to play out I als...

  6. Jeffrey Keeten says:

    I didn t know that blood could jump like that, almost like it wants to leave the human body, get as far away as possible I d read about it, of course, in books, and I d seen it in movies, the way arterial blood will spray But to see it in reality, to see the life of it, that was somethingsomething I can t even express in words Henrietta Mazur will tell you to call her Hen because that is what everyone calls her When people do that to me, force their nicknames on me, I have a tendency to ignore the suggestion, so Hen will be Henrietta for the length of this review, although if I hung out with her, had beers with her, I might have been inclined to call her Henry, but never Hen Why would I call her a chicken anyway She is an artist, specifically a children s book illustrator, who is bipolar and on a host of meds to keep her from becoming manic She is married to a man named Lloyd who seems steady and also attentive to her mental health They have just bought a new house she has moved into a new studio, and all seems right with the world Until the dinner party.Their neighbors Matthew and Mira Dola, also childless like Henrietta and Lloyd in a neighborhood full of breeders, invite them over for an evening of getting to know the new people next door Whenever I see coupl...

  7. Mary Beth *Traveling Sister* says:

    Catching a killer is dangerous especially if he lives next doorOMG I was totally Gobsmacked by that ending The author really fooled me I was not expecting that, it was a big jaw dropping moment I thought it was clever Another crazy thriller that had everything that I love in a thriller.I really loved this book Don t read the blurb, the best way to start this one is to go in blindly.This was a fast paced read.I thought this was just ...

  8. Dorie - Traveling Sister :) says:

    NOW AVAILABLE I find myself saying I should have known this, I should have figured this out , but I didn t and that is one reason that this thriller is a strong read.The characters in this book are certainly all flawed, some mentally ill, but I felt them to still be believable The plot is creepy and at times a little gruesome but if you watch any news or TV dramas you know that people are capable of murder and bizarre killing In the beginning we aren t quite sure what is going on with Matthew and what his motives could be, how can he form a relationship with anyone who thinks he is a killer Hen and Lloyd moved to a small suburb of Boston to live a quieter life and to be close to some renovated buildings that were being used as artists studios Hen is an artist who is known for her rather bizarre, sometimes creepy artwork, in fact she is aware that the disturbing her etchings, the interest they received She has gotten some great contracts for illustrating children s fantasy books but she still likes to do her own thing Hen has been diagnosed with bipolar disease ever since an incident in college She has been consistently taking her medications and feels well until Their new neighbors Matthew and Mira invite them...

  9. Debra says:

    4.5 stars They had a secret, the two of them, and there was no better way to start a friendship than with a secret When I read Peter Swanson s book, The Kind Worth Killing, I was completely blown away I was hooked almost instantly and knew that this was only the beginning Have you ever read an Author and thought why have I never read a book by him her before and when I can get my hands on another of his her books Well, I just got my chance Hen Henrietta and her husband Lloyd recently purchased a home outside of Boston Hen is an artist and works at a studio nearby and is happy that she has found stability and a nice community to live in She has bipolar disorder and is pleased that she has found the right medication for her For once in her life, she feels in control and happy.But during a dinner with her next door neighbors, Matthew and Mira, she notices a sports trophy in Matthew s office that appears to be the one which disappeared from the apartment of a man Dustin murdered in her former neighborhood two years ago Hen is certain that is the dead man s...

  10. Sumit RK says:

    Before She Knew Him is my second book by Peter Swanson after the The Kind Worth Killing if you haven t read the book, read it NOW Just like The Kind Worth Killing, Before She Knew Him is a dark and suspenseful psychological thriller with several shocking twists.Hen short for Henrietta and her husband Lloyd have settled into a quiet life in a new house outside of Boston Invited to a dinner by their neighbours next door, Hen spots a familiar object displayed on the neighbour s Matthew office shelf Soon, she realises that Mathew may not what he seems to be and may have a connection with her past life The Hen observes Matthew, the she suspects he s planning something truly terrifying.Swanson is a master of thrillers set in a normal world, with some twisted characters and an unreliable narrator Before She Knew Him has all the ingredients of such a thriller in a perfect mix Divided in 3 acts, each acts ends with a big twist Though, I was able to figure out the main mystery quite early in story, I still enjoyed how the mystery slowly unraveled in the story I felt the ending lacked a bit of a punch but overall the story was quite good.Apart from the setting, Swanson excels in creating some memorable characters The characters, each with a crucial role in the story every character twisted in some way but as if picked from the people you encounter in real life were all nicely d...

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