Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4)

Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4) PDF Epub Boundary Broken Boundary Magic, 4 Author Melissa F Olson Years Ago, Boundary Witch Allison Lex Luther Made A Promise To An Alpha Werewolf Now, Just When The Supernatural Community In Colorado Is Enjoying A Period Of Hard Won Peace, The Alpha Turns Up At Lex S Door To Call In His Marker Two Of His Pack Members Have Disappeared In The Colorado Sand Dunes, And He Needs Safe Passage To Hunt For Them.With Her Friend Simon Pellar Along For Backup, Lex Ventures Into The Dunes To Search For The Missing Couple But What They Find Is Only The Opening Move In An Ambitious Assault Against Those Who Hold Power In The Colorado Old World An Old Enemy Has Returned To Tear Their Peace Apart, And Lex Is Soon Embroiled In Politics She Doesn T Understand, From A Time Before She Had Magic.To Save Her Friends And Her Way Of Life, Lex Will Have To Cross Every Line She S Drawn Since Learning What She Is And It May Still Be Too Late.

➥ [Epub] ➟ Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4)  By Melissa F. Olson ➿ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 347 pages
  • Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4)
  • Melissa F. Olson
  • English
  • 12 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4)

  1. Ian says:

    Good without being great It s an entertaining instalment in the story of Lex Luther, Colorado s very own blood witch The book feels a little like a set up for a new story arc.

  2. HappyBookWorm2020 says:

    This author is one of my favorite urban fantasy writers and her Boundary Magic series is my favorite of her series There are vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches in this world Most of the human population does not know they exist While each book can be read independently and is a complete story in itself, it is probably best to begin with the first book in the series The heroine, Lex, is a boundary witch, which means she has special abilities at the intersection of life and death She can see and speak with ghosts and help them move on, can press humans and vampires mind control , and raise the dead One of the most endearing qualities that Lex has is that she never really seems to appreciate how powerful she is She works for Maven, the top witch of Colorado, whom she both fears and respects, in a security role and other duties as required Lex is ex military and has many useful talents for someone who can t go out in the daytime When this book starts, Lex is helping two ghosts to cross over She has drawn a circle on the highway, it s after midnight, and there s a witch friend of hers at each end of the road to stop any traffic This is normal, everyday life for Lex She has a steady love interest, a vampire who works for Maven also, but the romance is rarely a focus of the books So aft...

  3. Beth says:

    Boundary Broken is an amazing urban fantasy read The plot twists and turn were unexpected with a cast of characters that I ve already come invested in Olson binds the reader to her writing with realistic, but totally fictional, characters who have heartfelt emotions and true personal connections to each other Lex is an intelligent, kick but character with heart This was one of those reads that you just didn t want to end.I received this ARC copy of BOUNDARY BROKEN from 47North This is my honest and voluntary review BOUNDARY BROKEN is set for publicatio...

  4. Ami says:

    After she finished with the second arc of Scarlett Bernard series, Melissa F Olson returns to Boulder, Colorado, to give us, readers, the next arc of boundary witch extraordinaire, Allison Lex Luther The new trouble brewing in Colorado starts when two werewolves come into Lex s house, asking for her help to track down their missing pack members Lex find the wolves killed and soon old enemies seem to making new move to stir problem with the supernatural community of Colorado.Melissa F Olson has become one of my favorite authors in this genre, ever since I first read Scarlett in Dead Spots six years ago This is another solid addition to Olson s book portfolio I admit that I love Lex and the Colorado gang, slightly better than Scarlett s books Probably because Lex, being an ex soldier, feels level headed, a genuine protector, compared to Scarlett, who in the beginning, is of reluctant passive heroine I love Lex s relationship with her deceased sister, with her niece, as well as her witches friend Boundary Broken is clearly the beginning of something new on the horizon, with old players settling in, a couple of previous fa...

  5. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) says:

    This book was a close call for me While I enjoyed, I was nervous the author was going the route of Scarlett Bernard.Let me explain I enjoyed that series until the start of the new one She ended the first series with Scarlett choosing my broken surfer werewolf That made me happy Nothing against Jessie He was a good guy and had he been presented as the first love interest, I would have rooted for him And if Scarlett had chosen no one, I might have accepted the beginning of a new series.For me personally if a book has romance, I as a reader have hard limits No cheating, no killing off one to solve a love triangle Andrea creamer or no changing good guys into bad to solve love triangle Shatter Me series That will black list you from my reading list Hey, though I expected believability in my story, I m a hopeless romantic One a love declarations made in fiction, it should be forever Hell I stopped reading Outlander because I couldn t bear Jamie being with someone else even though he had ever right too I m funny like that.So if I hadn t started this Lex series, what the author did in the opening scene of the next Scarlett series, she would have been dead to me I never finished that book past the opening scene I feel like she caved under fan pressure.So in the last Lex book and in this one, I sense a set up for Lex to be with Simon ...

  6. Shelley says:

    Source Publisher Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 4 Thoughts Boulder boundary witch Allison Lex Luther returns in the fourth installment in author Melissa F Olson s Boundary Magic series Apparently, the book jumps 2 years from the last book titled Boundary Born, but she did appear in Scarle...

  7. Mike Finn says:

    I had a lot of fun with this book, mainly because I like Lex and the way Kate Rudd s narration brings her to life She s brave and loyal She knows that she s good at tactics but not a strategy She doesn t see herself as heroic, just as someone doing what needs to be done to protect her niece and support her friends.This episode of the Boundary Magic series has Lex at the centre all the way through She doesn t always know what s going on and she loses as many rounds as she wins What makes the book work is that I cared what happened to her than I cared about the deviousness of the plot.The plot has a few good surprises in it to keep me interested but wasn t particularly complex In terms of story arc development, this felt like a transitional episode, setting up some new possibilities and making changes to the available characters and their relationships On the basis, it promises well for the future.I enjoyed the way in which Lex s knowledge and use of her power develops in this book Her boundary magic has gone from vague to something with a solid internal logic.This was very much a woman centric story There are male players in it, but mostly they are there either to get rescued, get threatened or killed or to strut around being muscular, menacing and...

  8. Suz says:

    4 StarsPerhaps the best entry in the series to date I actually like this series better than the one from which it was spun off, Scarlett Bernard I like the way she set up the next long arc at the end of this one It wasn t a cliff hanger and ...

  9. Maggie says:

    Book 4 I do recommend the series be read in order So, if you re looking at this, you enjoyed the first three books If that s the case, you ll enjoy this one as well Olson is one of the better authors I ve found available on Kindle Unlimited Unfortunately, I ve bought books that ...

  10. M says:

    If this book were a daytime TV drama, I missed several shows I ve read all the books of this series, but whilst reading Boundary Broken, I kept thinking I missed a book or short story somewhere I plan to reread the entire series to figure out what I missed or forgotten This time I didn t love Lex as much, because her character hasn t evolved Lex of the earlier books had courage and gumption th...

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