The Shadow Between Us

The Shadow Between Us Download The Shadow Between Us Author Carol Mason What Is It About The Coast That Attracts People Running From Their PastMaybe There S Something In A Sea Breeze That Blows Away Your Problems Maybe When You Look Out At The Ocean You Can See The Future Forget The Secrets And Pain Holding You Back Or At Least You Can Forget Them For A Time When Olivia Moves To Port Townsend, Her Marriage Is Floundering, And Her Life Is In Pieces She Doesn T Know If Things With Her Husband Mark Are Truly Over, Or Quite Why The Phone Call She Longs For On Her Daughter S Birthday Will Never Come Joining A Letter Writing Club Seems Like A Harmless Decision But When She Meets Ned, An Ex Soldier Badly Wounded In Afghanistan, This Unlooked For Friendship Revives Unexpected Emotions And Memories She D Rather Forget Can Olivia Find The Courage To Confront What She S Hiding From And Finally Begin To Heal The Wounds That Have Torn Her Life Apart From The Bestselling Author Of After You Left Comes A Story About Finding Hope In Second Chances. Or come friend me on Facebook or like my author page to stay up to date with book news mine and that of other women s fiction authors I think you might enjoy.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • The Shadow Between Us
  • Carol Mason
  • 24 February 2017

10 thoughts on “The Shadow Between Us

  1. Amy says:

    Whenever I read a book from a new to me author I m always excited of course, but also oddly nervous as I m never quite sure what to expect The description of this one appealed to me, I got a Catherine Ryan Hyde sort of vibe from it and while that s somewhat fitting, Mason has a unique style that is all her own This was so much than I expected, in a good way, this had depth and heart and was written in such a pretty style, I m a new fan of the author now It s clear from the start that Olivia is troubled and running from something, it s not just her strained marriage to her husband, Mark or even just her issues with her daughter, you get the sense that it s something deeper and despite this not being a mystery, that aspect kept me guessing throughout I wanted to know what had happened to Olivia in her past, what had caused her pain, enough pain that she fled her home to live someone brand new She was a complex character for sure, I found her fascinating and by the time I finished the book and everything c...

  2. ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ says:

    Sometimes it s easier to pretend everything s fine than admit differently But the problem is it becomes habit forming until it s our new reality Then we re really just living a lie. I LOVED The Last Time We Met so when I saw this was available, on Netgalley, I just HAD to have it I am so glad the request came through because this is a book not to be missed Carol Mason has once again given me a reason to love Women s Fiction with her wonderful prose The book and story line were brilliant As I progressed through the story, I kept wondering, where is this taking me, I was intrigued and captivated by Olivia s choices, her tenacity, her courage and strength Carol Mason deftly explores how a person survives the unbearable and the portrait is both moving and empathetic Besides the main narrative thread the supporting characters add depth and breadth to this sprawling narrative, including an estranged husband who is neither villain nor hero, an imperfect but loyal friend, a nurturing but sometimes aloof boss who is lovingly portrayed in all her imperfect humanity Ms Mason takes the reader on a difficult journey into grief, but her graceful writing and clear empathy makes this a worthwhile exploration of what it means to suffer.Mason does an amazing job of portraying how one moves forward when their life has essentially frozen in time Olivia lives this parad...

  3. Ceecee says:

    I thought this was a compelling read with some thought provoking themes The central characters were Olivia and Ned who were both damaged in different ways They met in Port Townsend, Washington where both of them fled to attempt to deal with their issues Ned was physically and mentally damaged by an IED in Afghanistan It s not clear what Olivia was struggling with until later in the book which I won t spoil here They both attended The Correspondents Club in a local coffee shop which was a letter writing club I thought this was a lovely idea as letter writing used to be such an important skill which has been replaced by the speed of email, text etc Through this medium they both explored the different ways they could heal by writing letters to appropriate people I really liked the concept of Hunt the good stuff that Ned explained to Olivia This was to turn our focus away from dwelling on the things ...

  4. Kerry says:

    Poignant, emotional, and breathtaking In THE SHADOW BETWEEN US, Olivia is running from something we ve all feared and hope to never face Carol Mason s effortless storytelling and exquisite writing will keep you turning the pages until the book s stunning and surprising ending Bring tissues

  5. Jane Wheeler says:

    The writing was decent, I guess, but I had absolutely no sympathy for the heroine She was rude, disdainful and pretty spoiled The Big Incident that messed her up took waaaaay too long to be revealed, we re talking past the 50% point by which point she had alienated pretty much everyone around her And then an epilogue tacks on something that maybe I d considered but was too busy hating the heroine to look for Also, I really didn t appreciate the tee hee pidgin English of the Fili...

  6. Carol Mason says:

    I can t wait to share this book with you on March 21 This was a profoundly moving story for me to write, as I had to explore what is one of my very worst fears, and what would happen if that came true It was quite the emotional rollercoaster I hope it will move you in the same way, when y...

  7. Bridget says:

    Carol Mason, the best selling author of After You Left has written an incredibly moving and poignant novel in this slow burn, very beautiful work of fiction Olivia moves to the pretty coastal town of Port Townsend, with her marriage on the rocks, and her life in pieces She doesn t know if things with her husband Mark are truly over, or quite why the phone call she longs for on her daughter s birthday will never come.After joining a letter writing club held at her local cafe she meets Ned, an ex soldier badly wounded in Afghanistan This chance friendship revives unexpected emotions and memories she d rather forget.Can Olivia find the courage to confront what she s hiding from and finally begin to heal the wounds that have torn her life apart Liv, as she is known to her husband, is an extremely intriguing character Regularly displaying a cocktail of emotions, I could still really empathise with her She could be caring and thoughtful one minute, but then be frank, blunt and very much to the point, the next moment At times she was positively distant and unkind She was not alone in her attitude and behav...

  8. Rosina Ayling says:

    I have never read anything from this author before so I was excited to try a new author It was way better than I expected, it had depth although, I found it a little wordy at times This is not a light read and it was very thought provoking I co...

  9. Ian says:

    I think I ve read all of Carol Mason s novels and pretty much knew what to expect her plots are essentially romantic stories, set in the English North east which avoid the chick lit label by being a bit gritty, sad, insightful, intelligent and grounded Therefore, I started The Shadow Between Us with this expectation, but this is a completely different type of book For a start, it is set in the American North West It is written in the first person by Liv, who is clearly suffering from some sort of mental illness or breakdown bought on by some unspecified event The first half of of the book is really devoted to Liv fleshing out her feelings and revealing vague hints about what precipitated this crisis I m not a great fan of poor little me narratives and I found this part of the book to be a little too slow, self absorbed introspective and lacking in action but I k...

  10. Samantha March says:

    The Shadow Between Us started off slow for me and unfortunately the story was never able to gain steam There were so many questions I had within the first few chapters of the book and instead of making this suspenseful and giving me the desire to quickly read, I kept getting frustrated by the lack of depth in the story The story line had an interesting concept but there was too much of a mysterious air for too long that kept me disengaged I tried to stay with the book as best I could and chose to speed read through some chapters to try to finall...

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