The Ukinhan Wilds

The Ukinhan WildsDownload The Ukinhan Wilds Author Eldon Thompson Assassin Rogue Demon S Bane Dragon Slayer Kylac Kronus Has Been Called Many Names, And Earned Every One Of Them Months Shy Of His Seventeenth Spring, He Is Already The Deadliest Man Alive Nothing Be It Man Or Beast Has Been Able To Prove Otherwise Uncomfortable With His Newfound Fame Following The War Of The Demon Queen, Kylac Seeks Fresh Adventure Overseas, Recruited By A Band Of Outlanders Under Royal Commission To Escort A Kidnapped Princess Back To Her Father, King Kendarrion, Ruler Of The Sundered Isle They Warn Him That, To Do So, He Will Brave Tempest Seas Full Of Raging Leviathans While Seeking To Evade Those Responsible For The Princess S Abduction Including A Terrifying Mutant Left Over From The Days Of The Mage Wars Kylac Readily Agrees But When The Mutant Proves As Cunning As It Is Savage, The Perilous Voyage Gives Way To An Even Deadlier Trek Across A Poisoned Wilderness Once Home To The Ancient Gorrethrehn Breeders A Sect Of Magi Known For Their Foul Creation Practices Stalked By Bestial Denizens, Treacherous Companions, And Horrors That His Blades Cannot Touch, Kylac Finds Himself Embattled As Never Before For The Mutant Is Relentless In Its Hunt, The Island S Terrors Do Not Rest, And Not Even The Deadliest Man Alive Can Hope To Emerge Unscathed.

After surrendering his dream of playing pro football, Eldon Thompson set out to publish a fantasy adventure novel In 2003, he sold his Legend of Asahiel trilogy to HarperCollins, which kicked off with The Crimson Sword in 2005 He is also a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, and in 2007 sold a feature adaptation of Terry Brooks s The Elfstones of Shannara his favorite ch

[Read] ➵ The Ukinhan Wilds ➱ Eldon Thompson –
  • Hardcover
  • 360 pages
  • The Ukinhan Wilds
  • Eldon Thompson
  • 20 May 2017
  • 9781948825009

10 thoughts on “The Ukinhan Wilds

  1. Seregil of Rhiminee says:

    Originally published at Risingshadow.Eldon Thompson s The Ukinhan Wilds is the first novel in the Warder trilogy, which takes place in the same fantasy world as the author s The Legend of Asahiel trilogy, but can be read independently This novel is a fine and fast paced fantasy adventure that feels like a breath of fresh air among other new fantasy novels, because it s entertaining escapism from start to finish.I think it s good to point out that whether you like this novel or not depends entirely on how you feel about fantasy adventures, heroic fantasy and fast paced tales If you re into reading well realised adventure tales and love fantasy fiction with action scenes, you ll be thrilled to read this novel and will be pleased with it I personally enjoyed this novel, because it feels kind of like a throwback to the good old days when fantasy adventures and heroic fantasy stories were in full bloom.The Ukinhan Wilds is an epic fantasy adventure that is filled with a sense of grand adventure and foreboding danger If you have an appetite for epic and classic fantasy adventures, this novel is guaranteed to satisfy you in every possible way, because it has everything a devoted fan of the genre could ever hope for This novel s old fashioned atmosphere is impressive, because the author has captured the essence of what a good fantasy adventure has at its core action, danger, fun, freshness and excitement.The Ukinhan Wilds reunites readers with Kylac Kronus from ...

  2. Collin Greenwood says:

    It plays out like an action movie, with all the tension, daring swordplay, and disaster that one might expect It s escapist fantasy to be sure, and expertly done Eldon Thompson is back, and in fine form If I had any complaints, it would be that the ending of this first volume came a bit too quickly There was a lot to wrap up there, and I felt that where the rest took a while, the latter few chapters wrapped things up in a flurry that can only be...

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