The Nothing Within

The Nothing Within PDF Epub The Nothing Within Andy Giesler What Unforgivable Sin Would You Commit To Save The World In 2161, The First Chimera Arose A Year Later, Twelve Billion People Were Dead The Few Who Survived Called It The Reckoning.Generations Later, Their Descendants Hide Within The Walls Of Small, Rustic Villages, Cowering From Chimeras They Revere Tradition They Fear Innovation They Mistrust Anything That S Different.Root Couldn T Be Different.Curious And Irreverent, She Disquiets Her Village Blind Daughter Of The Village Guardian, She Stands Apart Frustrated With A Wall Bound Life, She Grudgingly Accepts It Until She Hears The Voice That No One Else Can Hear.Root S Journey Will Take Her Into The Wilds To Discover The Truth That Her World Has Been Twisted By People Trying To Save It And Her Choices Will Determine Whether Humankind S Last Ember Flickers Out.A Rural Dystopian Novel Exploring Post Apocalyptic Amish Country, A Society Shaped By Fear, And Private Choices That Remake The World.

When I was little, I fell in love with science fiction Andre Norton and Isaac Asimov thank you, wherever you are In high school, I fell in love with fantasy J.R.R Tolkien thank you even though you were a human, I hope you re in Valinor In college, majoring in computer science made me love science fiction even , and majoring in philosophy made me love reading a curious assortment of

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  1. keikii Eats Books says:

    To read reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books 90 points, 4 stars Warning weird almost non consensual, almost consensual sex The Nothing Within is not my usual type of story I just plain don t typically go for dystopia It just isn t a genre I typically enjoy too much However, when I do find one I can like, I tend to love it This was one such book I loved The Nothing Within for all the things it did that others won t, or can t, do.Come to think of it, I don t typically enjoy the storyteller narration style, either Yet, Root telling all that was and all that is and getting around to what is to come This time, the way Andy Giesler does it, well just worked for me this time It was just plain well done Root tells her life, or at least a portion of it, within the pages of The Nothing Within It isn t a pretty nor glamorous life The way Root tells it, it is just a normal life and she did a few things that weren t so normal I really liked the main character, Root She is great Headstrong and asks way too many questions that the adults won t or can t answer She is not willing to back down for anything, even though she knows it makes the others fear and hate her Even when she knows it would be smart, she doesn t...

  2. Hannah says:

    Review to come First thoughts Loved the way it wrapped up and the whole mystery came together Very skillfully woven and given to the reader bit by bit Still amazed by the amount of writing brilliance it had to have to answer every question I had, but not in an obvious way But the language...

  3. Nathan says:

    I was a beta reader for The Nothing Within , and I must confess that when I volunteered to read it, I was intrigued by the concept Amish post apocalyptic but a bit apprehensive about the possibility of not liking it But my curiosity won out over my apprehension, and I volunteered I don t regret it for a moment.The story takes place in different time periods There is a plot thread that starts essentially with the cataclysmic event, and traces the immediate aftermath There is another thread that follows the development of our protagonist as a young person Finally, there is a thread in which our protagonist is an old woman One of the things I particularly appreciated about the writing was the fact that while it is clear that all these threads are connected somehow, the precise ways in which they relate, even with respect to such questions as...

  4. Charlie Wentling says:

    I received an advanced copy of the book with no requirement to leave a review.This was an interesting mix of fantasy and science fiction It mostly read like a fantasy set in a rural, low tech village, but there were bits of science fiction sprinkled in For me, those bits were some of the best parts, and they set up the mystery of exactly where and when the story was taking place Over the course of the book, Giesler slowly peeled back the onion and answered my questions in a satisfying way.The main character is Root, a precocious girl who doesn t quite fit in with her village Root gets by far the most screen time, and is the best developed character We follow her as she grows up and comes to a tipping point in her life Root leaves her village looking for answers, and struggles against overwhelming odds It s hard to discuss the plot without spoilers, but it starts off in the usual fantasy tradition, then deviates from it quite a bit.The story is narrated by an older version of Root, so we know that she probably survives her struggles The narration takes a folksy, somewhat rambling tone, and that adds to the flavor ...

  5. Jana Tenbrook (Reviews from the Stacks) says:

    3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 because Goodreads doesn t do halves.I knew from the beginning that this would be a difficult review to write The Nothing Within constantly defied my expectations while I read it, shifting the story from one understanding to another, only to destroy that understanding a few chapters later it s almost like the story itself is a chimera But is it one that destroys, or heals This is a wonderfully crafted book Some of the central characters are called Weavers, and like a weaver the author brings together vastly different accounts of the world Somehow, these accounts successfully merge to become something incredible which held my attention It is difficult for me to really like many of the characters, as they all show flaws as well as beauty, but they are thoroughly created and work together well.I was hooked from the very beginning I loved the process of puzzling out what has happened, who became whom, and what the foreshadowing meant The vulgarity of the language is a big turn off, almost to the point of abandoning the story altogether, but I had to find out what happened in the end and, consequently, what had happened before There are a lot of interesting philosophical concepts sprinkled throughout, if you know what to look ...

  6. Lynn says:

    Really loved this book the plotline, the characters, and the ending were so well done Although Mr Giesler writes with his own voice and is obviously not doing the wanna be Tolkien thing, the world building he did drew me in instantly as few...

  7. Boris Slocum says:

    I like this story quite a lot It is written in a long winded and freewheeling style that usually I find abhorrent Somehow, that same narrative style is part of the charm of the story The backbone of the narrative is presented in the voice of a young woman from a far distant future, relating her tale in the first person It switches occasionally to the third person, where other voices work as a sort of chorus I find that particular point disconcerting, but it didn t detract terribly from the story I ll not give away any plot points Part of the joy is piecing together who is who and what roll each person plays in the story It is complex and spans many generations But I will say the narrator is a funny, charming, and appealing character, who serves as the main protagonist of the tale She has great grit and determination both qualities I admire in a main character and is both unusually forgiving and ruthlessly merciless as circumstance ...

  8. Tamara Morning says:

    Title The Nothing WithinAuthor Andy GieslerGenre DystopianRating 4 out of 5In 2161, the world changed The first chimera appeared, and a year later, twelve billion people were dead Those that remained called it the Reckoning, and as they struggled to survive in their hostile new world the World That Is they became different More withdrawn Less tolerant of anyone who was different, anyone who might harbor the Nothing within themselves, bringing danger to all inside the walls that encircle their villages.Root is the daughter of a Weaver a village guardian and her blindness isn t the only thing that sets her apart So does her curiosity, her questions about everything around her For the tradition bound people she knows, that is her worst offense Until one day Root hears a voice no one else hears, and soon she s on a journey to find out the truth about herself, h...

  9. Morgan Finn says:

    Until The Nothing Within I avoided post apocalypse sci fi It was too scary to think about being so helpless But that was before I met Root, the determined protagonist, who is down to earth enough to be a neighbor Or even me Anybody who felt empty, on off, throughout their life, yet sensed there was something bette...

  10. Judith Johnson says:

    Interesting book A very novel view of a dysfunctional future and a mystery to unravel How did we get there What happened in the past What happens now As an Ohioan, it was particularly interesting because it takes place in Ohio Amish country.

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