Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth

Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual GrowthFor Those Who Want To Develop A Deeper, Joyful Inner Life Through The Practice Of Christian Spiritual Disciplines, This One Year Journal Workbook Helps Readers Find New Ways To Reflect On, Experience, And Integrate The Disciplines Into Their Lives.

Richard J Foster is the author of several bestselling books, including Celebration of Discipline, Streams of Living Water, and Prayer, which was Christianity Today s Book of the Year and the winner of the Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association He is the founder of Renovar , an intrachurch movement committed to the renewal of the Church in all her multifaceted

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  • Paperback
  • 281 pages
  • Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth
  • Richard J. Foster
  • English
  • 25 March 2017
  • 9780340979266

10 thoughts on “Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth

  1. Michael says:

    For years I had followed traditional Christian writings and practices, growing ever disenchanted with the hollowness of the experience In my private readings I d immersed myself in wider and deeper worlds, searching, searching.In 1984 I was doing some training in Estes Park and went to hear Amy Grant at the YMCA of the Rockies I wanted to hear her do Angels Watching Over Me in person, and that done, I browsed the bookstore before heading back to my cabin.This book, recently published at the time, grabbed me so aggressively I nearly fell on the floor It was the missing link I d been searching for, the connection between Christian thought and spiritual practice I stayed up all night reading it, and to this day consider it one of the most important books in my life It set my life loose, on a journey of discovery that continues to this day.This is soul rocking stuff, for those who are ready for it.Little did I realize...

  2. Bill says:

    I have mixed feelings about Celebration of Discipline On one hand, I struggled with Foster s subjective terminology and mystic approach At times I found myself wondering exactly what he meant, and in turn wondering whether I would agree with him if I discovered exactly what he meant Part of this is a difference theological emphasis, but I suspect it also comes down to a difference in personality Some people like objective descriptions of neat and tidy concepts like me , whereas others prefer subjective, open ended, provocative discussion like Richard Foster, perhaps This was particularly evident when Foster turned to practical descriptions of spiritual Disciplines that went beyond what is clear from Scripture I ve come to prefer the term means of grace to refer to these kinds of practices, which keeps the focus on God s part, rather than Spiritual Disciplines, which puts the focus on my part For these reasons, I can t whole heartedly get on board with Foster s vision of the Christian life.Nonetheless, I am drawn to his very experiential way of following Jesus I long for deeper meditation on Scripture, deeper times of prayer I loved the chapter on stud...

  3. Laura says:

    Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.Leo TolstoyI first read this book in 1996 and loved it I re read it in 2005 and got even out of it the second time The book is inspiring and is a good reminder of the way I can have a Christ centered life through discipline.Foster deals first with the inward disciplines meditation, prayer, fasting, study Then, he moves on to the outward disciplines simplicity, solitude, submission, and service The corporate disciplines confession, worship, guidance, and celebration these last two didn t resonate with me as much, but were still worthwhile.What I love the most about the book is his reminder that the pursuit of a Christ centered life is all about change and bringing ourselves closer to God To pray is to change To confess is to change To worship is to change.The idea is that daily scripture study and prayer is not to check off a to do list, but actually change my life and who I am The disciplines themselves are worthless without change.I like the idea of incorporating meditation into my prayer time and allowing for silence I li...

  4. Ron says:

    Classic twentieth century guide to a deeper inner life and joy As the title implies, discipline is not negative but positive Foster explores twelve approaches to inner, outer and corporate discipline.Gets better with every reading In fact, I didn t ...

  5. Johnny says:

    Although influenced by Dallas Willard prior to his publication of The Spirit of the Disciplines , Richard J Foster uses a different taxonomy in Celebration of Discipline than Willard uses in his book Disciplines of Abstinence solitude, silence, fasting, frugality, chastity, secrecy, sacrifice and Disciplines of Engagement study, worship, celebration, service, prayer, fellowship, confession, submission p 158 Foster s division of spiritual disciplines is a trinity of Inward Individual meditation, prayer, fasting, study , Outward Individual simplicity, solitude, submission, service , and Corporate confession, worship, guidance, celebration Even a quick perusal of the lists should indicate that there are overlapping terms for maturing in discipleship.A lot of people from the Protestant tradition are immediately dissuaded from the idea of spiritual disciplines because they are so focused on the idea of grace Grace, of course, is both the beginning and the sustaining of spiritual growth, but growth is gr...

  6. Brian Ming says:

    I just finished this gem Although it s taken me some time to get through due to such a busy schedule , I was disciplined enough to stick with itSee what I did there by celebrating my discipline In all seriousness, I am very glad I read this book In particular the sections on worship, on meditation, and especially on the celebration of joy are fabulous I highly recommend this book for anyone who is seeking to go deeper with God Surprisingly, even though our culture seems emphatic about the need for the spontaneous and passionate expression of our love affection towards God, there is beauty to be found in the discipline of regiment It goes far beyond that our God is a God of order and structure Let me make this personal In my relationship with God, I have tended to love him like a much loved relative I see often What I mean by that is I am delighted to go a few days or weeks without much interaction in the relationship My daily Bible can be erratic as well my prayer time Then I end up feeling bad and, upon taking a visit to see my relative as I continue with the analogy , I tell them, I m sorry It s been a few days or weeks since we ve really spent q...

  7. Bill says:

    So, in establishing my goodreads library, I thought it was wise to begin with a book that has served to inform, as well as transform my character What better place to start than with Foster s classic Certainly, a must read for any believer, but especially important for those of us who call ourselves leaders in the church This book establishes the starting point for true leadershiplearning to place o...

  8. Elisabeth Ensor says:

    The best book of 2017 for me I read this all year with 2 friends taking each month to study a discipline and we discussed them over an app called Voxer This book was life changing the chapter on prayer and fasting especially I recommend the audio book...

  9. Ellie Sorota says:

    Richard Foster s Celebration of Discipline reads like a cup of strong coffee pleasant going down, but rather rattling once it enters the stomach Each chapter focuses on a different discipline of the Christian life, and Foster is quick to offer snippets of his own attempts failures successes in practicing the disciplines With each discipline he presents both the practical and radical methods of practice For example, the fasting chapter begins with an argument on the prudence of fasting as a regular part of the Christian life, discusses the physical affects of fasting, addresses some of the practical concerns what to eat before, after a fast, etc and casually ends the chapter with Now is the time for all who hear the voice of Christ to obey it p61 It is this very aspect of Foster s book that rattles the stomach You may find yourself nonchalantly reading through his pages, nodding your head, perhaps underlining here and there, your legs stretched across your couch on a lazy afternoon Then, you will notice a rather burning sensation in your will, realizing with horror that it is pulling an about face Your cozy morning Bible snippet no longer fits the bill You may unfortunately find yourself, as I did, among a group of people agreeing to experimentally practice these disciplines and see if Foster is not perhaps telling some truths In fact, your church may become so enad with the idea of ...

  10. David Woods says:

    Foster discusses 12 spiritual disciplines He doesn t waste words The chapters were succinct, and I found myself underlining often Great tidbits and suggestions and logistical how to s as well as discussing the scriptural bases for the disciplines and the fruit that can come as a result Ultimately, the disciplines in themselves are nothing, but they are various ways to present ourselves before God so that he can bring about spiritual transformation in our lives Grace is free, but we do have a role to play in our own spiritual transformation sanctification spiritual maturity Our paster a couple weeks ago was discussing obedience, and in my best paraphrase he said there was not too much he could do today that would help him to grow in character and maturity, but over the course of years, a trajectory can change Spiritual disciplines change the trajectory of our lives and lead us along a different path As Foster summarizes,...

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