Dear and Glorious Physician

Dear and Glorious PhysicianA B Blia Apresenta S O Lucas Como O M Dico De Cora O Generoso, Bem Instru Do E Autor De Um Dos Evangelhos E Do Livro De Atos Lendas Antigas O Descrevem Como Uma Pessoa Fora Do Comum, A Quem S O Atribu Dos Milagres E Prod Gios Antes Mesmo De Sua Convers O Ao Cristianismo Em M Dico De Homens E De Almas, Taylor Caldwell Combina Estas Duas Imagens De Um Dos Mais Importantes Da Igreja Crist Primitiva, Caracterizado Pela Constante Preocupa O Com O Sofrimento De Enfermos, Oprimidos E Pobres A Autora Pesquisou A Vida E As Obras De Lucas Durante Anos, E As Descreve De Forma Romanceada Num Livro Rico Em Detalhes Hist Ricos E De Narrativa Emocionante.

Also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner Taylor Caldwell was born in Manchester, England In 1907 she emigrated to the United States with her parents and younger brother Her father died shortly after the move, and the family struggled At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis, at the age of twelve although it

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10 thoughts on “Dear and Glorious Physician

  1. Sarah says:

    This was one of my late grandmother s books, and I am eternally grateful to my parents for not throwing it out or selling it when we moved Grandpa out of that house What a find Dear and Glorious Physician chronicles the life of St Luke the Physician, starting when he is a ten year old child, a Greek slave in the Roman province of Syria Despite his ostensibly lowly rank, Lucanus as he is then called grows up in a happy, stable environment with both of his biological parents His master is a kind if austere man who allows the lad to be friends with his own sickly daughter, Rubria That winter a great, bright star appears in the heavens overhead, which fascinates Lucanus, who was always somewhat otherworldly even as a child but becomes steadily ethereal from that point forward.Lucanus is in for a rough adolescence He falls in puppy love with Rubria, but she succumbs to her sickness, grieving him deeply He decides to train as a physician, and becomes locally renowned as a healer, but is unable to save Rubria s mother from dying in childbirth although he did save the infant, which was no small feat His father, whom he never liked much, drowns not long after ...

  2. Willa Grant says:

    I read this first in the summer of 1966 my Mom had gotten it out of the library my best friends were on vacation so I started reading it out of boredom This is NOT a kids book BTW The story stuck in my sub conscience when I joined The International Order of St Luke I remembered it decided to re read it This is a historical novel about St Luke or Lucanus as he was called in life St Luke like St Paul never saw Jesus He was a Greek physician who as a convert decided to write the history of the Lord he worshiped The author read extensively about St Luke before she wrote this book there is a nifty bibliography in the back The story suf...

  3. Patrick says:

    The plotting in this novel is leisurely by postmodern standards, and Taylor Caldwell s prose sometimes veers toward purple, with each Antiochan, Alexandrian, and Roman sunset seemingly beautiful than the one before it, and scented gardens hosting conversations between principal characters Despite those flaws, Dear and Glorious Physician is like Quo Vadis a novel for the ages, full of lush description, virtuous friendship, and dark nights of the soul Its confident portrayal of first century life and politics in the Roman Empire notes sights, sounds, and smells throughout Caldwell s affection for Saint Luke is palpable, but the hagiography here rises above the merely sentimental to become memorable Like any good doctor, even in primitive times, Luke is no mere pill pusher I also like that while Caldwell s language is painterly, her point of view is compassionate Caldwell shows a deft understanding of power p...

  4. Andrew says:

    This is probably the best book I have ever read It is incredibly humbling to read My favorite part is reading of Luke s childhood His innocent devotion to God convicts and exhorts us to do the same This book changed the way I viewed God and the way I relate to him Taylor Caldwell can just flat out write Her sentences are packed with imagery Each word is measured for maximum power Intelligent Why yes she is This fact smacks you in the face I had to look up much of the Gr...

  5. Cherry says:

    This was a great way to understand the time Christ lived in the Bible being the best of course, Then Jesus the Christ by James Talmage through characters that crossed his path, Christ is not the main character in this novel but is the main point of this novel It is a wonderful journey I did feel a gained a bit of insight into that time, a greater appreciation of what was involved with those early saints and humble followers...

  6. Luis Zamarro Fraile says:

    He le do pocos libros capaces no solo de entretener o de ilustrar sino tambi n de alimentar el esp ritu M dico de Cuerpos y Almas de Taylor Caldwell es uno de ellos Tal vez el primero con la fuerza y el impacto suficiente para emocionar hasta las l grimas en cada cap tulo Para mi, eso es suficiente a efecto de considerarlo no nicamente como una gran lectura sino tambi n como una obra maestra, un nuevo y personal gran favorito Una historia de consuelo que me acompa ar a lo largo del resto de mis d as y que sin duda reservar para las horas m s dif ciles M dico de Cuerpos y Almas fue escrito hace m s de medio siglo y su narrativa ha sido muchas veces criticada como obsoleta o fuera de los est ndares modernos Entiendo el por qu de esas opiniones aunque no las comparto Una historia como la de San Lucas merece el tiempo, cuidado y la dulzura que Taylor Caldwell le dio a cada cap tulo en honor a los cerca de cuarenta a os que tard en escribirlo Tomando en cuenta todo eso nunca encontr , dentro de su amplia extensi n, alg n cap tulo, p rrafo o l nea tediosa, mucho menos cursi o sobrecargada Por el contrario, Taylor Caldwell fue capaz de trasladarme al imperio romano gobernado por Tiberio y a la Jerusalen de Herodes y de Poncio Pilatos Gracias a su prosa elocuente y descriptiva fui capaz de ver, a trav s de la mirada atenta de Lucano, la misericordia y bondad de un esp ritu inquebrantable y decidido al mismo ti...

  7. Leila says:

    This book is rated as Taylor Caldwell s greatest novel She covers the basic facts of the life of St Lukeborn a Greek Lucanus and trained in medicine to become a famous physician who travelled all over healing the sick with the background of the Roman Empire Later in the book he becomes deeply interested in Christianity and although he had never met Jesus, he moves around those who knew him including his Mother and Pontius Pilate to find out all he can, eventually embracing Christianity and writing his Gospel according to St Luke The author visited The Holy Land to meticulously research the historical facts The result is a detailed, imaginative and absorbing portrait of Luke s background, his love story, his suffering, his travels and interesting details about what in those days was known as The White Sickness I found this book to be a most powerful read many years ago and have had deep satisfaction in reading it once so many years later.exciting, extremely interesti...

  8. Carol says:

    I probably would have liked it better if I had read it when it was first published I was in high school at the time With than 50 years of education and experience since then, I guess my standards have changed Here are some of the things that disappointed me about the book.First, overwritten My thesaurus also mentions florid, ornate and embellished Some parts just put me to sleep And my dreams when I dozed off were interesting than the corresponding part of the book.Second, anachronisms The reference to a constitution of the Roman republic I asked my husband, our family expert on history and government, and he asserts that a written constitution was an invention of the 18th century specifically the birth of the US Or the attempt to make bloodletting a logical treatment for high blood pressure It was that a thousand years after the setting of the story before there was any understanding of the scientific concept of pressure, and of any way to measure it And several hundred years after that before measurements were applied specifically to blood pressure, and even longer before the medical profession began to understand the impact of blood pressure on health.A related irritation some years after the book was published, I took am introductory college class in cultural anthropology, which concentrated on how the physical and social environment affect the way people think In this book, I saw no indication that the author understood this The emotions and motivati...

  9. Laura says:

    Taylor Caldwell is an author I have been aware of for a good long while but have never read Thanks to a recommendation by BYU football coach, Bronco Mendenhall by way of his mother, I chose to break that particular drought in my literary experience by reading this story about Luke of New Testament fame My future reading of the twenty four chapters of St Luke will never be the same again Three quarters of this book deals with Luke aka Lucanus s conversion The remaining quarter of the novel focuses on Luke s writing of his contribution to the New Testament through interviews with factual think James, John and Mary, His mother as well as fictional first hand witnesses to the life and death of Jesus Christ My wish regarding this story would be that the author would have devoted a bit time to Luke s interaction with Christ s contemporaries like Peter This creation gives you a great deal of detailed information about the Roman empire and it s influence on the world at th...

  10. Jane says:

    A somewhat old fashioned although beautifully written book This novel tells the story of St Luke, called herein Lucanus, from childhood, adoption by a kindly Roman patrician as the latter s son, medical studies in Alexandria, to his wanderings to serve the poor He comes to a belief in Christ as Messiah after railing against God for years because of the deaths of loved ones and the cruelty of men against others He has the marvelous idea to write down what he hears about Christ The prose is really purple I m surprised my hands aren t stained and it does get a tad sentimental at times It s a moving novel nonetheless and well worth reading This might make a good choice for Lent or Advent, now that the latter is nearly upon us.The pace is slow, like other novels of yesteryear, but oh, Ms Caldwell could really write She made St Luke human for ...

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