Petit pays

Petit paysAvant, Gabriel faisait les quatre cents coups avec ses copains dans leur coin de paradis Et puis l harmonie familiale s est disloqu e en m me temps que son petit pays , le Burundi, ce bout d Afrique centrale brutalement malmen e par l Histoire Plus tard, Gabriel fait revivre un monde jamais per


Baho!When Nyamugari, an adolescent mute, attempts to ask a young woman in rural Burundi for directions to an appropriate place to relieve himself, his gestures are mistaken as premeditation for rape To the young woman s community, his fleeing confirms his guilt, setting off a chain reaction of pursuit,

Weep Not, Refugee

Weep Not, RefugeeThe book is a novel on the problems of refugees from Burundi Kigeme, a Burundian secondary school girl, must flee to Wirodi for her safety, due to the outbreak of the Hutu Tutsi war in Burundi On her way to exile, she has her mother raped in the open and drowned into a river, her father chopped i

The True Sources of the Nile

The True Sources of the NileAfter a year, central Africa has finally started to feel like home to Anne, a human rights activist from California Deeply committed to helping the strife torn nation of Burundi during its first democratic elections, Anne has also begun an intoxicating affair with Jean Pierre, a government official