Where Dandelions Bloom

Where Dandelions BloomCassie Kendrick is on the run Her abusive father arranged her marriage to a despicable man, but she s discovered an escape Disguised as a man, Cassie enlists in the Union army, taking the name Thomas Turner On the battlefields of the Civil War, keeping her identity a secret is only the beginning

Mustard Seed

Mustard SeedThe bestselling author of Yellow Crocus returns with a haunting and tender story of three women returning to the plantation they once called home Oberlin, Ohio, 1868 Lisbeth Johnson was born into privilege in the antebellum South Jordan Freedman was born a slave to Mattie, Lisbeth s beloved nurse

The Yankee Widow

The Yankee WidowA richly layered, emotional novel about one woman s courage and the choices she must make in the face of a dangerous war Caroline is the young wife of Jacob, who together live on a farm raising their daughter just outside of Gettysburg When Jacob joins the Northern army, no one anticipates he will


VarinaIn his powerful fourth novel, Charles Frazier returns to the time and place of Cold Mountain, vividly bringing to life the chaos and devastation of the Civil War With her marriage prospects limited, teenage Varina Howell agrees to wed the much older widower Jefferson Davis, with whom she expects a

Sister of Mine

Sister of MineWhen two Union soldiers stumble onto a plantation in northern Georgia on a warm May day in 1864, the last thing they expect is to see the Union flag flying high or to be greeted by a group of freed slaves and their Jewish mistress Little do they know that this place has an unusual history.Twelve ye

Trouble the Water

Trouble the WaterAbigail Milton was born into the British middle class, but her family has landed in unthinkable debt To ease their burdens, Abby s parents send her to America to live off the charity of their old friend, Douglas Elling When she arrives in Charleston at the age of seventeen, Abigail discovers that