The Pink Suit

The Pink SuitOn November 22, 1963, the First Lady accompanied her husband to Dallas, Texas dressed in a pink Chanel style suit that was his favorite Much of her wardrobe, including the pink suit, came from the New York boutique Chez Ninon where a young seamstress, an Irish immigrant named Kate, worked behind

Vogue Sewing

Vogue SewingThe bestselling guide to sewing gets a freshening up And it s from Vogue the most respected name in needlework A trusted classic since 1975, Vogue Sewing has remained a consistent bestseller and sewer s favorite Now it s been fully revised and updated, with the latest information and all new

The Thread

The ThreadA beautiful and epic novel that spans nearly a hundred years, The Thread is a magnificent story of a friendship and a love that endures through the catastrophes and upheavals of the twentieth century both natural and man made in the turbulent city of Thessaloniki, Greece Victoria Hislop,