The Way of Men

The Way of MenThe Way of Men answers the question What is Masculinity The so called experts give the answers that suit their masters They tell just so stories to protect their ideology, their religion, their way of life They look to women for a nod of approval before speaking They give socially acceptable


ArcheofuturismArcheofuturism, an important work in the tradition of the European New Right, is finally now available in English Challenging many assumptions held by the Right, this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998 Faye believes that the future of the Right requires a tran

The Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the SaintsBy the year 2000 there will on present projections be seven billion people swarming on the surface of the Earth And only nine hundred million of them will be white What will happen when the teeming billions of the so called Third World driven by unbearable hunger and despair, the inevitable cons

Bronze Age Mindset

Bronze Age MindsetThe Atlantic named this author as possibly Steve Bannon s contact in the White House Rosie Gray, The Atlantic Feb 10 2017 Think you should speak directly to my WH cutout cell leader, Yarvin said in an email I ve never met him and don t know his identity, we just DM on Twitter He s said to