A Taste for Nightshade

A Taste for NightshadeManchester 1787 When budding young criminal Mary Jebb swindles Michael Croxon s brother with a blank pound note, he chases her into the night and sets in motion a train of sinister events Condemned to seven years of transportation to Australia, Mary sends him a Penny Heart a token of her vow of

Jane Austen at Home

Jane Austen at HomeRecent cover edition here On the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen s death, historian Lucy Worsley leads us into the rooms from which our best loved novelist quietly changed the world This new telling of the story of Jane s life shows us how and why she lived as she did, examining the places and

The Fair Fight

The Fair FightFor fans of Sarah Waters and The Crimson Petal and the White, a vibrant tale of female boxers and their scheming patrons in 18th century Bristol Some call the prize ring a nursery for vice Born into a brothel, Ruth s future looks bleak until she catches the eye of Mr Dryer A rich Bristol

The Butcher's Hook

The Butcher's HookGeorgian London Summer 1763 Anne Jaccob is coming of age, the daughter of a wealthy merchant When she is taken advantage of by her tutor a great friend of her father s and is set up to marry a squeamish snob named Simeon Onions, she begins to realize just how powerless she is in Georgian

Moll Flanders

Moll FlandersThe Fortunes Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders aka Moll Flanders is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in 1722 It purports to be the true account of the life of the eponymous Moll, detailing her exploits from birth until old age By 1721, Defoe had become a recognised novelist, with

The Lambs of London

The Lambs of LondonMary Lamb is confined by the restrictions of domesticity her father is losing his mind, her mother watchful and hostile The great solace of her life is her brother Charles, an aspiring writer It is no surprise when Mary falls for the bookseller s son, antiquarian William Ireland, from whom

The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet PimpernelArmed with only his wits and his cunning, one man recklessly defies the French revolutionaries and rescues scores of innocent men, women, and children from the deadly guillotine His friends and foes know him only as the Scarlet Pimpernel But the ruthless French agent Chauvelin is sworn to discover


SlammerkinMary Saunders, a lower class London schoolgirl, was born into rough cloth but hungered for lace and the trappings of a higher station than her family would ever know In 18th century England, Mary s shrewd instincts will get her only so far, and she despairs of the plans made for her to carve out a


RevolutionaryMyers presents an incredibly complex protagonist in Deborah, whose gender identity is not taken as a given Lambda Book Report A novel of the American Revolution by a writer who is himself a true American revolutionary Mark Edmundson, author of Why Teach In 1782, during the final clashes of


BurrGore Vidal s Narratives of Empire series spans the history of the United States from the Revolution to the post World War II years With their broad canvas and large cast of fictional and historical characters, the novels in this series present a panorama of the American political and imperial

Virgins (Outlander, #0.5)

Virgins (Outlander, #0.5)A young Jamie Fraser learns what it really means to become a man in this Outlander prequel novella Featuring all the trademark suspense, adventure, and history of Diana Gabaldon s 1 bestselling novels and the Starz original series, Virgins is now available for the first time as a standalone ebook.

Powder and Patch

Powder and PatchTO WIN HER HAND, HE MUST BECOME WHAT HE DESPISES Cleone Charteris s exquisite charms have made her the belle of the English countryside But Cleone yearns for a husband who is refined, aristocratic and who is as skilled with his wit as he is with his dueling pistols Everything Philip Jettan